This manifesto was published by Northwest on the 30th of June of 2018 when they released their first record. A new manifesto can be found here.

Lately, we've had the feeling that the internet, at the actual peak of social media platforms, has become a crowded town square where everybody wants to be heard, everybody wants our attention and in order to get it, they shout. Out of habit and innocence, we joined the shouting: "Listen to us!" "Listen to us!", to the point of almost losing our voice. One day, tired of shouting, we realized we had forgotten something really important:

“We don't shout, we sing”.

We realized that if we all shout at the same time it's impossible to hear each other. In a world full of noise, it's almost impossible to focus on something specific or hear that one person who is trying to whisper something in our ears. At the end of the day, after all the shouting and the rush, there's nothing left... Just some ephemeral numbers without any real meaning: "Likes", "followers", "views", "visits"... But, who's behind these numbers they all fight for? There's people. There's us. People with a name and a surname and a story behind. People with a unique and personal soundtrack. People we don't want to keep shouting at. People with whom we want to build a relationship worthy of our music ambitions: personal, intimate and profound.

We want to do things differently and we want you to be part of it. We're just two people without a record label l or company of any kind behind, but nonetheless, we believe we can help create a new way of listening and sharing music in the actual era of social media. We're aware that our ambitions might sound excessive and ridiculous and it's very likely that we fail. However, we also believe that it's worth trying and, for that reason, we would love to count on your help, your opinion and, basically, your support. We know there's people out there (or at least, we want to believe that!) who are asking themselves the same questions. Today we want to find each other, step out of that crowded town square for a moment, turn off the light and let the music play.

Our first album is going to be released on June the 30th and will be available in both physical (here)and digital form. We want to give away the latter as a present for you, as a way to thank you for your support, and also we want to try something different:

The digital record will be on the internet, but not in the noisy town square we were talking about earlier. It will be kind of hidden; only accessible to those of you who want to listen in silence, with intimacy and on your own terms. If you want to accept our humble gift, just fill out this form and keep an eye on the mail (the postal mail).

Thank you so much and a big hug,

Mariuca & Ignacio (Northwest)