All the video and art-pieces made by Northwest in collaboration with other artists:

- In late 2019, we collaborated with the butoh dancer and multidisciplinary artist Helen Adove Hawk and with the poetry collective The Bloody Poets in one of the evenings organized by Sun at Night at the legendary St.Leonard's Shoreditch Church in London. Watch a little fragment from that collaboration here.

- Francesca Carriero designed a dress for us and we got together in London with the photographer Daniele Coluccielo to showcase this dress and some of the visuals we use in our live concerts in this photoshoot.

- These are all of the music videos we've made in collaboration with other artists: Pyramid (2019), Look At Me (2018), Sun (2018) and Same Old Sky (2017).

- We scored this dance video with the dancers Inés Archer and Hanna Tervonen for Chapelle Magazine.